Couples Therapy

General difficulties and communication problems

Sometimes it is easier for someone who is not so involved to spot unhelpful patterns in your ways of relating. It can help you to share your thoughts and feelings and improve your communication. People who feel unheard in their relationships will be given substantial lengths of time to open up, in front of their partners, in a safe and containing space. This can bring a sense of relief and allow your partner to really ‘hear’ you. Talking in this way can promote intimacy on many levels.

Relationship crises / trauma / abuse / infidelity

If the relationship has experienced a trauma, such as infidelity, or if there is abuse, counselling can help to rebuild your trust in each other. We will work towards gaining a deeper understanding of what went wrong in the relationship. We can work on strategies / tools to use to prevent a crisis from happening again.

We are breaking up or have broken up – can you help us?

It is also possible to receive couples when a relationship is breaking up, or is definitely over and you want to break up in the healthiest way possible. This has particular prevalence when there are children involved.

I can also help you if you are unsure about whether you want to remain together or not.

Am I impartial?

Instead of the individual; the relationship we are dealing with is my client. In this way, I am impartial, but will give honest feedback about what I see in front of me. This is why it is important not to see either party for individual work before couples work begins, although it may be possible to see both parties alone for equal time, and so long as it is agreed that what is discussed in each session can be brought back to the couples work.

Couples therapy marathons / therapy holidays

I am able to dedicate time to couples visiting Ibiza who want to get away from the stresses of their life and concentrate on their relationship for a chunk of time, normally 5 days. I would see you for two hours each morning, where we would work towards the goal we set in the initial session.

You can contact me for a list of places to stay if you are interested in this. Please email me for prices for a therapy marathon.